Thursday, June 26, 2008

Climate Change: Weathering the Storm

Art Show Opens July 3rd at 7:pm
Deadline for artists to submit work is June 28 by 4:pm.
Call Alana Boyd Arts Coordinator 705-498-2202

Press Release June 2008

Why are Local artists talking Climate Change in South River Ontario?

We know, the Climate is Changing. Everyone’s talking these days about pollution, fossil fuel prices, depleting rain forests, the ozone has a big hole and melting glaciers are making the water levels higher. The earth is evolving and everyone living here seems to know there are some big changes happening to animals and the health of the planet.
So where do we go from here? Are we evolving as we should? Are we worried about a future that we don’t have control over? What is our part in the health of this “Gem that spins in the vast Openness?” Is it that our collective consciousness is becoming aware of the changes that are coming? There are many questions and few answers.
Awareness of our surroundings is very important. Artists are keen on observing details of what is happening around us, then create visual displays recording this information in our artwork. We show appreciation for all that is good, we provoke emotion with our art, we show the love for our planet, the flora and fauna, the weather, the landscape and it’s conditions and record the past lives of our ancestors. All these topics are being brought to awareness at the Blue Canoe Gallery in South River this summer. This community gallery gives an opportunity to local artists to show their renditions of what they have observed. Art depicts our culture, our homes, our lives and this peaceful mission now, is to share this artwork with the public.
Please come join us for these monthly themed art shows at the Blue Canoe Gallery in South River. Climate Change: Weathering the Storm opens July 3rd at 7:pm at 100 Ottawa Ave. South River, then “Legendary Landscapes: Algonquin and Area” opens July 31st and “In My Fathers, Fathers Time: Historical Near North” opens Thurs. August 27th at 7:pm. Our gallery hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 5pm. For the long weekend in August & at the South River Festival of Arts the following week will include Sunday openings. The Festival starts August 7th through to Sunday August 10th. There is a line up of acoustic music venues at Tom Thomson Park, along with family workshops and many other events. For more information on the festival and to contact the Blue Canoe Galleryor South River Arts Festival Office call Alana Boyd, Arts Coordinator at 705 498-2202 or
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Art Shows at the Blue Canoe Gallery

Flora and Fauna
Thursday May 29th at 7:pm runs until June 28

Climate Change: Weathering the Storm
Thursday July 3rd at 7:pm runs until July 26

Legendary Landscapes: Algonguin & Area
Thursday July 31st at 7:pm runs until August 23rd

In My Fathers, Fathers Time: Historical Almaguin
Thursday August 28th at 7:pm runs until September 20th

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